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India Calling Cards by provides prepaid India calling cards for students, military personnel, tourists and people staying abroad that require a reliable, low cost way to call India. We are among the top calling cards’ providers that bring you the latest technology, cost-effective rates and satisfactory customer service. Discover the best and most feature rich calling experience within your budget. If you enjoy great calling India Calling Cardsquality and low price, India calling cards are a boon for you.

Everything is smartly designed to maximize your call experience when calling to India. You can also recharge you calling card anytime by using our online refill/recharge facility. Need help? Call our 24x7 customer care executive on 1-800-219-6993. Our prepaid calling cards are extremely inexpensive and we promise to provide you a great calling experience – at no additional costs!

When you will purchase India calling cards at, you will be able to use it as soon as you receive the confirmation e-mail with important details such as Access Telephone Number and Personal PIN Number. It will only cost you one cent a minute to make any domestic calls that you want to make. If you will be making a call to other countries such as Austria, Chile, Germany, France, Canada, Nigeria, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Bermuda, Bahrain, Belgium, Australia, The Bahamas etc., the rates will be much lower as compared to traditional phones or mobiles.

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  • No surprise bills
  • No hidden fees
  • PIN-less dialing
  • No service binding contract
  • Save up to 80-90%
  • Extra clarity on every call you make
  • 24x7 customer service
  • Cheapest way to call India
  • Direct call and web call facility


Best rates to call India

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Regardless of whether you are calling around the corner, across the country or anywhere in the world, can help you enjoy the best, lowest long distance rates on your call. To improve our calling rates and provide customers a satisfactory experience, we are constantly making changes. If you are planning to purchase a calling card or need to replace your old one, you would be happy to use our India calling cards.

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