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Call Genius gives you the choice of an extensive range of USA calling cards that can help you remain in contact with you dear ones all over the world while saving a fortune on your phone bills. To be more precise, India Calling Cardsby using our calling, you can save up to 90% on international calls!

Call Genius USA calling cards are trusted by millions of customers who wish to make international calls at low rates. We constantly update our customers with the latest deals and news on how to get the most of their phone cards. After all, we firmly believe that when it comes to prepaid calling cards, every minute counts!

    • High quality connection
    • Instant balance access
    • Low domestic and international calling rates
    • No need to re-enter your phone card information for consecutive calls
    • Professional customer care
    • No contracts to sign - no long term commitments
    • Great for traveling abroad
    • Pin-less dialing
    • Military phone cards available
    • International student calling plans available
    • Web calls
    • E-purchase facility


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    International phone bills can become difficult to handle, and may even force people to stop contacting their dear ones or at least reduce the frequency. We try to ensure that money never comes between you and your loved ones. So, we help you save a notable amount of money by providing you prepaid cards that promise affordable calling rates.


    It will only cost you one cent a minutes to make domestic calls and if you are calling international places like Austria, Australia, The Bahamas, Canada, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Chile, Bermuda, Bahrain, Belgium Germany, France, Hong Kong or China, the price per minute will be extremely low. No matter what your requirements are, you can select an ideal card according to your requirement and get in touch with anyone anywhere.

    To sum up, our cards allow you to make domestic and international calls in the least possible amount of money. Fairly easy to use, our cards are preferred by majority of people. We also have a large variety of calling cards to suit your needs. Unlike other calling schemes, Call Genius’ USA calling cards are inexpensive and can be used at any hour of the day.
    By selecting Call Genius as your calling card provider, rest assured you will be extremely satisfied with your decision.


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